Fee Based Consulting

Our fees are flexible and vary by state and activity

We usually begin with a Consulting fee which includes basic demographics, conceptual design, and an outline of what the business plan might look like

Then we move on with you to a detailed business plan for funders

Typically $7500 per month for a minimum 3 month period and may be terminated by either party thereafter.

Lease/Purchase Negotiation Support

Are you involved in an RFP situation or do you want to be?

Need stats if you are bidding on a land purchase?

Lets be UNITED and we'll help you for a 1% fee payable usually by your agent as a Referral 


Concept Design fee ranges from $2500 to $7500 depending on the level of sophistication

Detailed design and construction design typically 5% project cost

Project Management Supervision

Typically 15% of hard construction costs 

Equity Partnerships + Fundraising

We are investors and fundraisers re our own centers

We can be UNITED and combine our funding skills and knowledge with yours to achieve what you want

Typically a 3 month retainer at $7,500pm to prepare your Deck

And 5-7% of monies raised

Center Operations + Support

We stay with clients during pre opening thru launch and ongoing operational support

We deliver marketing strategies

Our fees are on a retainer basis typically $2500 to $6500 per month depending on level of support

Or you might want us to be your tenant on a long term lease and we pay you up to 10% of all revenues we achieve with a MG in place